Fish + Honey

Performed at Hybrid: Performance art showcase as part of Bushwick Open Studios

The performance consists of two performers, one cups a hand full of honey, while the other holds raw fish. Over a period of several minutes the performers exchange these two items.

Cyprus is divided into the Republic of Cyprus on the south and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the North. The North is essentially under embargo and has no trade with any other country other than Turkey. This has caused the North’s economy to be significantly smaller than the E.U. member South and its development to be stumped. Recently the North has been allowed to begin trading honey and fish. This is partly due to their ability to reach E.U. standards of trade, but mostly due to the South’s refusal to recognize them as an entity, a commonplace phrase used in the South when referring to the North is loosely translated as “The lie-state”.
Growing up in the south of the island, victimization by Turkey played a big part in our education of the conflict and our islands history. But a truer picture of the matter is that both sides claim victimization.

April 2013 marks the 10 year anniversary of the buffer zone being opened for people of both sides to cross and engage with one another. However significant this milestone was, trading fish and honey is the only real ‘exchange’ and step forward the we have made to live together. Even though the situation is peaceful, there is no outright political agenda from either side to unite the two sides. Propaganda and discrimination still run deep within both sides of green line. This performance, therefore, illustrates the absurdity of the political climate there and frustration felt by its people.

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