Occupy Museums invites artists across the US to unite in Debtfair, a means of exposing the hidden layer of debt within the art market and its institutions. The 500+ artists currently on hold $55.6 Million of debt.
We believe that the practices of painting, sculpture, performance, video, music, and conceptual practice lie at the core of a progressive democratic society. Yet artists and culture workers face evermore extractive economic burdens parallel to the booming wealth and financialization of the art market. Debt often elicits feelings of shame and alienation. It is a hidden tool of economic, social, and racial division. Yet, by showing how we are interconnected through it, Debtfair mobilizes around the financial relationships that bind us to one another, locating possibilities for solidarity in a global struggle, and leveraging our collective power as debtors.
Joining Debtfair means submitting a questionnaire to share data about your debts. This allows us to paint an accurate picture of art and debt today. Only images of your artwork and select written answers are shown publicly with ability to edit your public profile at any point. All information is kept in confidence.
All our debts are connected!

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