The Nauru files

For a whole day, James Cunningham and Suzon Fuks read the Nauru files
– which are a leaked document, showing through daily reports, how inhumane the Australian situation of refugees and asylum seekers is, in offshore concentration camps on Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus.

We read the Nauru files on 19 July, live streaming from Facebook, as we wanted to commemorate 4 years of indefinite detention of these people, who arrived by boat. Somehow the Australian government took these people as example to stop boats coming and breached human rights in many ways, demonstrated through the Nauru files.It would be really timely as there is a real crisis in Manus concentration camp, which is supposed to be closed but without any solution for the detainees/refugees & asylum seekers. It’s like a siege: with water and electricity cut and police ready to attack people. Media do not talk much about that. It would be a real tragedy!

The link to the Nauru files on the Guardian website