Weather Center for the Apocalypse: Forecast Portal

Weather Center for the Apocalypse is alert to an uncertain future. It is a sculptural installation that incorporates new media, performance, and participation. It predicts changes in our environment and culture that could affect the autonomy of citizens in the event of disaster.

It consists of a Weather Tower built primarily with local, salvaged materials, using simple science experiments as the basis for a fully functioning weather station. Environmental sensors monitor weather in the immediate area. News and alerts can be sent out over a personal satellite radio system called Future Satellite. It consists of a satellite dish, a model of a satellite, and a series of radio transmitters and receivers. It can be used to transmit underground music, on days when the apocalypse warnings are low. It has a radio program running continuously that can be heard through listening stations and picked up by FM radios within range.

The project creates an ongoing story on climate change, social change, and the future of media. A Meteorologist takes regular readings from the weather instruments and uploads them to the forecast portal. Forecasts incorporate sources both practical and fantastical, including satellite information, the farmer’s almanac, horoscopes, news of political unrest, and how often it has rained that month. They rely heavily on news gathered by word of mouth, and from videos contributed by visitors to the installation.